About the Bill

If approved, AB 273 will ensure clarity regarding the acceptance of ESL and HSE educational programs as eligible criteria for state subsidized child development services under the California Educational Code.

This bill does not propose to add any additional slots into the child care system. It simply clarify the criteria by which a family can qualify to apply.

This change will empower parents to increase their educational level by providing families with greater access to subsidized child care services. For example, it is often challenging for families who are non-native English speakers to access medical services, educational support within school systems, and social services, despite laws that require interpretation. Investing in families as a whole helps reduce poverty and the associated effects on childhood development.

AB 273 would give low-income families greater access to subsidized childcare services by clarifying that enrollment in English as a Second Language (ESL) and High School Equivalency (HSE) Certification Preparation courses are eligible requirements for subsidized childcare for low-income parents or caretakers.

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